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Colin is the technician, the evaluator and the strategist behind Change Craft Consulting. A true road-less-travelled devotee, he began his career as an actuary in 1992 and has steadily broadened his métier into assessment and data, well-being, leadership and strategy.

Colin has a true passion for helping companies find their human touch, whilst accelerating their performance and focusing their vision. Colin is one of the founders of BRATLAB and Change Craft and has been a driving force behind their early successes.



Hanlie is a behavioral change expert, systems strategist, author, researcher and coach. Her career spans three decades and four continents and shows no signs of slowing. Hanlie works in a variety of behavior change areas; from humanizing the workplace, to preventing hate victimization, to charging through a PhD in applied psychology.

As former director and lead change consultant with BRATLAB, Hanlie brings wealth of experience to Change Craft where she develops and applies sticky change for high performance work-cultures.



An actuarial science graduate of Purdue University, Gloria Gong knows a few tricks to crunching numbers and dicing up data. Colin Bullen and Hanlie van Wyk soon saw to it that her remarkable talents were coaxed out from behind the safety of her desk, and applied to change coaching and meaningful organizational transformation.

Gloria received her coaching qualification in 2018 and remains the youngest ACC and CPCC in China. Based in the far east, Gloria now closely guides Chinese multinationals in making changes which stick.


What our Partners Say

You have assisted my organisation with a number of assignments over the last few years. I think it is testament to your invaluable contribution to each of these assignments that we keep on calling you back to do other projects for us.

Adrian Baskir

Chief Commercial Actuary, BUPA
Many companies start wellness programs without doing their homework. Change Craft has done this homework for you so the positives outcome of such programs is much higher. Colin is very thorough in his research and over the years has become an expert in helping companies to understand how habits change the value of a company.

Alain Bicque

People say change is hard. It is, but it is much more achievable when you have a coach like Hanlie to guide you through the process. I was lucky enough to have Hanlie as an executive coach while I was transitioning out of Freethinking in 2018, a management consultancy that I had started 10 years earlier. I learnt a lot from her in dealing with leadership challenges, building a high-performing team, and providing a vision for my leadership team to take over.

Derrick Cooks

CEO, Freethinking
Colin and I worked closely to develop a "Cancer Impact Calculator" that used the demographics from our corporate clients to estimate the 10-year return on investment (ROI) if that company invested in company-paid cancer screening for their employees. This has been incredibly successful to help Check4Cancer manage cancer risk with our corporate clients, and Colin and his team helped turn our clinical and statistical information into a user-friendly model that provided an overall and cancer-specific ROI. I am sure that Colin and I will work again together, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him and his new company to you.

Gordon Wishart

CEO, Check4Cancer
I worked with Hanlie to bring my vision of a more tolerant world to life. Together we created a plan and designed the action steps to bring this plan to life. This kind of strategic and big picture thinking combined with executive planning has helped me clearly formulate the outcomes I want to see for Caused-Based Consulting and Humanity Rising. I continue to work with Hanlie as she holds my "feet to the fire" … keeping me accountable and energized to ensure my success. She is also incredibly inspiring and a pleasure to work with.

Debbie Ferruzzi

President & Founder, Cause-Based Consulting & Humanity Rising
Colin did some very impactful research helping us develop and build ROI models for our wellness programs. He is very creative, his recommendations are grounded in hard data, and he understands how to implement programs. Overall, I highly recommend Colin and BRATLAB.

Greg Smith

VP Compensation, PepsiCo
It has been a great learning and fun experience to work with Hanlie and learn about Wellness and Happiness Habits. Her coaching has been instrumental to understand how to foster wellness and key elements for sustaining positive habits in general.

Dania Inowe

Human Resources, Rain Bird
I can only praise Colin for his meticulous, careful, value added actuarial expertise that he bought to the complex world of emerging market employee benefit and risk management. He always delivered 'fit for purpose' solutions with a unique strategic perspective that facilitated significant competitive advantage for his clients. Highly recommended

Bruce Sheppy

My first interaction with Hanlie was nationally recognized group that aimed to bring together the foremost experts in South Africa to tackle an on-going social problem of hate victimization.  Right away she proved herself to be a strong and gifted researcher, where she looked at the psychology of victimization.  She brought a highly unique perspective to this work, having spent a great deal of her career studying and understanding the physical manifestations of mental trauma.  She has provided a great deal of her independent hate and bias crime research that we use in our bi-annual reports, which are distributed to the South African government and universities.

Iole Matthews

Director, Independent Projects Trust and Former Chair of the Hate Crimes Working Group
She has a distinctive way of challenging both individuals and groups to transform the way they behave within a system. She has an acute awareness of group dynamics, the unspoken assumptions that drive them and she has mastered the art of questioning so the group is able to bring these to the surface and own it’s own transformation thereby enabling them to sustain it after consultants exit. If there is an unhealthy dynamic that stops a team from performing she will not leave any stone unturned.

Elni Wasserman-McNaughton

Flight Operations Project Manager, Qatar Airways
Colin is the best actuary I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He is a rare breed: smart as a tac, has a warm and engaging personality, and delivers great work consistently, regardless of pressures or circumstances. Honest, likeable, humble and with a great sense of humour, you would battle to find a better colleague, a more diligent advisor or a more trustworthy friend.

Andrew Sykes

CEO, Habits at Work
I was able to work alongside Hanlie and I can tell you with utmost sincerity that she is one of the most dedicated, tenacious, insightful, and innovative people I’ve had the pleasure of working with in any capacity. Through her insatiable drive for learning, research and experimentation, Hanlie has a unique ability to break through the status quo to advance the cause for an organization, a team, or an individual.  She is also funny, compassionate, kind and never misses the opportunity to help others. Hanlie is the type of person you can count on to keep a cool head in a stressful situation, and her positive attitude is contagious.

Debbi Brooks

Hanlie is able to create and hold a safe space for both individuals and groups so they are able to face their challenges in a constructive way, taking all members on the journey with them. Her rapport, coaching, group facilitation and strategic culture transformation work combined with choice architecture results in a transformational journey that faces the difficult issues in ways where the members of the organization experience their growth in bursts of delight and surprise.

Elni Wasserman-McNaughton

Flight Operations Project Manager, Qatar Airways
Hanlie is not only rigorous and efficient as a project manager, but as a coach and wellness expert. Her skills in balancing the needs of both the organization and the individual are outstanding, and she has a strong ability to bring the best out of people. Her work and experience were enhanced by her academic research work on hate crime, and the unique physical manifestations that arise for victims. Her background in psychology and wellness provided a perspective that added huge value to the business.

Kathy Berman

CEO, Space Consulting
Hanlie possesses the unique combination of psychological knowledge with a strong business acumen. As she works, she is able to craft systems that have a strong impact on the health and wellness of the employee while balancing the business needs of the corporate client. My background in accounting and business operations leads me to also focus on the business impacts of a program, and it is very nice to recognize someone with the psychological and interpersonal expertise that can balance the business needs of an organization.

Howard Lee

President and CEO, University Health Alliance
While working as head of product development and executive coach at Cycan, Hanlie created a program now known as LeadershipAlchemy.  This diagnostic model, and the corresponding training, was developed in conjunction with a leading neurosurgeon and identified five archetypes of behaviour in order to gauge health, engagement and leadership potential.  Using these tools, health professional and coaches were able to design the appropriate behavioural interventions to enhance wellness and performance.  Her methods are often novel, but always highly effective.

Zi Hattingh

CEO, Cycan Pty Ltd
Hanlie demonstrates a consistency in performing selflessly to bring out the potential in those around her, while achieving the objectives of a project and contributing to the vision of the organization.  I have observed evidence of her skills in training for purposes of cultural change, group facilitation for teams and the uncanny ability to have insight and translate scientific findings to daily application for lay population.

Tracie Ann Tam Tjapkess.

Wellness Director at Castle Medical Center