Change Craft products are built on BRATLAB (the Behavioral Research Applied Technology Laboratory) research. This is an extensive collection of available research into behavior change and its impact on outcomes of value. The research resource database is available under subscription for anyone interested.

Each subscription comes with up to one hour of consulting and curation time per month for all subscribers.

There are two distinct areas of research that BRATLAB has summarized:

  • If we change behavior, what is the impact on outcomes of interest?  This is the ‘Dose Value’ research.
  • How do we create behavior change in an engaging way? This is the ‘Four Powers’ behavior change framework.

Dose Value Research Resource

Research into the impact of behavior change on outcomes such as biometric risk markers, non-communicable disease, performance and productivity, and cost is growing. BRATLAB has investigated 30 different behaviors and 28 separate outcomes to find the most relevant and credible research for each different combination of behavior and outcome. For a given change in behavior, what does the research tell us is the likely change in that particular outcome? What is the behavior that should be practiced to achieve this outcome? This can be used to evaluate the value of outcomes and hence help build business models and prioritize limited resources.

Four Powers Behavior Change Framework

Given that you know which behavior should be changed, how do you get people to practice that behavior? How do we encourage them to want to make the change? For new habits to form, behavior change needs to be intrinsically motivated within people that have the confidence and ability to make the change. Your approach needs to remove the barriers to change and help people stay the course by removing the temptations to return to old bad habits. Four Powers is a collection of 80 distinct influence methods with a proven track record of creating new behaviors in individuals and populations. It is a rich and invaluable resource of ideas and innovations that can be introduced into products, services, and programs to significantly increase the probability of success.  

BRATLAB Resource Database Subscription