Are you looking to cultivate new behaviors for yourself or those around you? Are you trying to create change amongst a human population? Do you need a better understanding of how to create the right ‘space to land’ behavior change programs  (be that wellbeing, diversity or leadership) that will make them more effective and engaging? If so, these courses will help you get there:

We are proud to be a ‘Trusted Partner’ of the National Wellness Institute.

Design Your Culture for Change

Who should take this course? It’s for anyone trying to create a change-ready environment for a human population, for whatever reason.

What will you learn? The focus is on explaining how and where you can design the conditions of your company to empower employees to thrive through the adoption of positive habits. Whether the required change relates to health and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, leadership, digital transformation or something else, companies that create the right environment, culture or contexts for employees to change are likely to be more successful in the future.

How long will it take? This is a one-hour free foundational course that sets you up to take the Become a Change Agent course, as well as our other courses.

Become a Change Agent

Who should take this course? It’s for anyone trying to create change in a human population, for whatever reason, but could be of specific help to anyone trying to increase capacity for changing behavior at scale. This might include Change Professionals, Company Wellbeing Managers, HR, Wellbeing Product Designers, and Wellbeing Professionals.

What will you learn? This is a crash course in practical behavior change and engagement. It is designed to help individuals create positive habits, crowd out habits that are harmful and become a “spark plug” for co-workers (and friends and family, too).

How long will it take? This program is a quick 20 days – with about 15-20 minutes each day! 

Habit Prescriptions: Which habits are worth adopting?

Who should take this course? This is a course for Company Wellbeing Managers and Advisors, HR, Wellbeing Product Designers, insurers looking for healthier behavior amongst their insured population and Wellbeing Professionals (looking to improve the impact of their products). It could also work for consultants and benefits advisers looking to get a better understanding of how to create the right ‘space to land’ wellbeing programs to be more effective and engaging.

What will you learn? Not all habits and behaviors are equally impactful. Some help solve some challenges better than others. You will learn that a ‘habit prescription’, or ideal behavior change to solve for the problem, will be different for each desired business outcome: costs and growth, productivity, and life quality. This helps when you have to make choices about programs and initiatives and have to work with limited budgets. 

How long will it take? About two hours

Methods for Creating and Sustaining Positive Habits

Who should take this course? It’s for anyone who wants to make change last and build an adaptive, change-ready and change-resilient culture.

What will you learn? This course takes a deep-dive into more than 20 distinct methods of influence that can be used to create and sustain new habits. Each method is placed in the context of powers and contexts. Each is explained in detail, including how it can be applied, other methods with which it works well, case studies of it applied in practice and lists for further reading or watching.

How long will it take? Three to four hours – although you will retain access to the resources in this course for six months.

Influence through Spaces

Who should take this course? This course is a deep dive into the Spaces context for people looking to specifically improve their influence skills in this context.

What will you learn? The course begins with a refresher of Change Agent training and then carries you through detailed learning on EIGHT influence methods from the Spaces context. There are practical exercises for you to complete, many with a ‘buddy’, and a handful of tests to check learning. At the end of the course, you will be proficient in using the physical environment to support your change initiatives.

How long will it take? The course contains about three hours of practical learning, although we’d recommend that you break the course up into two or three chunks over a week or so. The course is self-paced.

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