Change Craft utilizes a range of hi-tech, actuarial and assessment tools, coaching and personal interventions to help organizations ensure the changes they are aiming for “stick” in their work environments. One such tool is our patented Change Agent Cards.

The Change Agent Cards help employees identify their contribution to a situation, and then to act on it. They are valuable in assisting individuals to identify strengths, weaknesses and personal resources for facilitating change. On top of this, they contribute to employee buy-in with a change program by making the often anxiety-provoking process of change fun, simple and easy to implement. Change Agent Cards are a popular part of our face-to-face workshops, prompting discussion and insight.

For example, let’s say one of your particular strengths lies in helping others to resist the temptation to fall back onto old workplace habits by influencing the use of the space or design in the office. You may have a strong ability or plentiful resources when it comes to seeing how space impacts human behavior and tempts us to act in helpful, as well as unhelpful ways. The Change Cards identify and encourage you to use this ability to make your work-space more change friendly, and hence stop people from being tempted to fall back on unhelpful habits.

With the Change Agent Cards, we may find out how individuals can best use their own strengths in certain situations to facilitate change and the adoption of positive change-oriented habits that stick and are reinforced daily.