Individual Change Readiness Assessment

Who should take this assessment? 

This assessment is for any individual thinking about how they can be more successful at creating beneficial change in their lives.

What will you get out of it? 

  • The assessment contains 16 questions each with three statements about you and the contexts of your life. There are sliding emoticons that you can use to indicate relative agreement or disagreement with the statement.
  • The assessment will identify the areas to go to work on to enhance your change readiness and ability to help others.
  • You will receive scores in each of the four contexts describing the relative strength of your personal change influences.
  • We will also provide a link to a short PDF report with thoughts on potential next steps.

How long will it take? 

It should take about 15 minutes to complete.

How much will it cost?

The assessment fee is $49, payable by credit card. If you have a coupon code, please have it ready when you start the assessment.