A Case for Behavior Change and Engagement

Corperformance is one of the leading health behavior change providers in the UK, providing highly effective health behavior change coaching to business leaders in some of Britain’s top companies. Their unique approach is grounded in high-performance sport, where the protagonists have in the past helped various sporting teams and individuals achieve great success.

Despite having a wealth of data that demonstrated desirable impacts from their interventions, they had never been able to confidently assert the value to the people and organizations that they were assisting. Change Craft helped Corperformance build their data into a robust business case for engagement.

The outcomes from an engagement with Corperformance are quite startling and, unlike many programs, long-lasting. Using the Corperformance rich database, combined with Outcomes Value thinking and actuarial science, we built a robust Return on Investment calculator for Corperformance to use with its clients and prospects.