A Global Business Case for Healthy Behavior Change

Value matters to Coca-Cola, as do its people. As a consequence, Coca-Cola has invested heavily across the globe in employee health and wellbeing to complement its move to make its product suite healthier. They wanted to understand the value that is being generated by their programs across the globe based on six key countries and to advise on potential improvements to the design of their programmes.

Change Craft started by evaluating the programmes operating in each country, alongside those being delivered globally under the control of a central team of wellbeing specialists. We interviewed local wellbeing champions and individuals responsible for developing local strategy – which differed significantly in practical terms from country to country. Based on the understanding of the programme and individual initiatives being executed a bespoke data collection was created. All available data was gathered from each country under review and from the central team.

Using this data, we helped Coca-Cola build an Outcomes Value Indicator for each country. Each Value Indicator revealed the historical, current expected and potential Return on Investment for the wellbeing programme in each country. Coca-Cola decided to augment the wellbeing programme operating across the globe. The marginal additional value being added by the new programme was evaluated and included within the internal business case documentation. An annual review of progress, participation, and outcomes was created, and recommendations for future improvement were presented to local operational leadership.

The Value Indicator was based on an Effectiveness Evaluation of the overall wellbeing programme operating in a country. The Effectiveness Evaluation informed the strategic review of each of the programmes, resulting in the adoption of programmes more likely to drive healthy behavior change, and less likely to create unnecessary health services consumption.

For three years, the Value Indicator was a key component of the annual wellbeing strategy review for each country, providing business case evidence for recommended changes for approval by global and local operational management.