Caring about Care – Building a Cancer Screening Impact Calculator

Check4Cancer is an award-winning cancer screening services company. They help employers ensure that their employees receive early cancer diagnosis and receive the best possible care and support from the UK’s leading cancer professionals. The impact on saving lives is remarkable.

Despite the moral appeal of this wonderful service, even Check4Cancer themselves were unsure whether there was any return on investment that they could promote to their clients. Change Craft convinced them that this was worth looking at, given that the value of a life saved has many, often overlooked, additional benefits to a business even without looking at the emotional, life-changing and engagement outcomes.

Change Craft was commissioned to build a bespoke value calculator using publicly available data on cancer statistics and in-depth information from the foremost cancer specialists in their area. Check4Cancer addresses six separate cancers – lung, breast, prostate, cervical, bowel, and skin – each of which has different profiles and prognoses. After a crash course in cancer diagnosis and treatment, we built a Value Indicator model that addressed each of these cancers separately. The findings were powerfully educational for the Check4Cancer team. Being able to talk about even a breakeven scenario for their intervention, given its life-saving qualities, gave Check4Cancer a significant additional conversation to have with their target corporate clients.

Check4Cancer found the model so useful they built it into their website. It remains actively used to this day to prove the value of being a caring employer.