Helping Leadership Promote Wellbeing as an Avenue to Better Performance

How effective is your wellbeing program? This was the challenge being faced by the Government Employees Health Association (GEHA). It’s difficult to know how effective a wellbeing program is because there are so many confounding factors influencing health outcomes. To address this, Change Craft has built a framework that allows organizations to objectively determine whether the program is set in a context that supports achieving its goals, or work against it.

GEHA is the premier provider of health insurance services to government employees, and their product suite includes wellness messaging and a variety of health and wellbeing programs. GEHA also promotes health and wellbeing for its employees and, as part of a strategic review of the workplace, wanted to know whether the wellbeing program was contributing to workplace performance or not. They wanted to practice what they preach to their clients.

We were asked to run an intensive review of the workplace and the wellbeing program. This started with the completion of online survey questionnaires by leadership, workers’ representatives, HR, operational management and selected other employees. Many employees were interviewed face-to-face to deepen understanding. Four key sites were visited to determine the influences at play in the physical environment. Each had differing cultures and architectural structures. We also obtained details of their benefits programs and reviewed communications about wellbeing.

Over the course of multiple meetings, we educated the wellness committee (comprising leadership, HR and employee representatives) on the findings, and helped them to start to build a new wellbeing strategy document. In conjunction with the committee, we evolved and finalized the wellbeing strategy, complete with a scorecard designed to track the key behavioral aspects and expected outcomes from the new wellbeing process.  The wellness strategy was signed off and senior committee representatives presented the results to the GEHA leadership. A powerful beginning for promoting change!