Tracking the Impact and Longevity of Change

Lindora is one of the most successful weight loss clinics, operating on the west coast of the US. Over many years of operating, Lindora had accumulated substantial amounts of data about the impact of their ketogenic diet and support processes on weight and other biometric markers, and the Change Craft team was commissioned to review the evidence and write up the findings in a White Paper.

As this was a specific set of data for one particular program (Lindora’s Lean for Life) based on the rich and extensive data collected by the program operators, a bespoke analysis was undertaken. The following key outcomes were tracked in addition to weight loss:

We performed comprehensive and detailed statistical analyses on the data presented to us and identified where changes in outcome were significant. We investigated both short-term and long-term impacts, given that one of the main criticisms of weight loss therapy is that it is short-lived and quickly reversed. In addition to a detailed management report on the investigation, we prepared a draft White Paper and shorter abstract that Lindora was able to develop and use for marketing purposes. The investigation provided independent verification of the plans’ impact, its longevity and its benefit on biometric risk markers other than weight. The document became an important reference point for Lindora’s marketing and proof of concept conversations.